1. phosphoruss

    [Selling]Lists of websites using CMS WordPress/Joomla/Drupal/OpenCart etc.

    Updates at the beginning of each month. I do not provide any whois/contact information. File: *.txt ZIP Compressed If you have any questions, ask them before buying. WordPress - 22,608,713 domains - 35$ Joomla - 1,605,458 domains - 35$ Drupal - 543,934 domains - 30$ OpenCart -...
  2. Pescad0res

    buying drupal websites list

    Hello guys im buying biig drupal lists payement btc . send me a message
  3. Pescad0res

    Drupal rce cve-2019-6340

    this is my first post here i hope you like it i search for this exploit here but it dosent exist so i will share it with ou guys brand new one :D ! https://github.com/g0rx/Drupal-SA-CORE-2019-003
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