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    Atomic Mail Sender 9.63 Crack Download [ Fully Activated ] FUD

    This is a program that can create and send bulk email campaigns with multiple SMTP support. It is a very easy-to-use bulk email program that carries powerful deliverability. It allows you to create on-brand emails in a few minutes. You can use its advanced feature named built-in message...
  2. Mectruy

    Blackhat priv mass maill sender

    <?php @session_start(); @set_time_limit(0); if((isset($v) AND $v==0) OR (isset($t) AND $t==false)){ die(''); } $create_password = true; $password = "blackhat"; $pass=$_POST['pass']; if($pass==$password){ $_SESSION['nst']="$pass"; } if($create_password==true){ if(!isset($_SESSION['nst']) or...