Phantom Keylogger - the new generation keyboard spy

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    * Works on all OS Windows from Windows XP, to Windows 10.
    * Sending logs to e-mail
    * Hidden autoinstall
    * Small size (91 kb)
    * No dependencies from the third-party libraries
    * Doesn't need administrator rights to install (spies on the user acount it was installed on)
    * Uses two e-mails for authorisation (to avoid blocks)
    * Supports all keyboard layouts

    Possibly, everybody knows the saying "Who owns information - owns the world". In that case, Phantom Keylogger - will be your best weapon for world domination!

    Phantom Keylogger writes all the keystrokes from the computer it was executed on, and sends the logs on your e-mail. What will let you, for example, find out the passwords, that were typed from the keyboard. Besides that, even if the user copies the passwords from the text document or other programs - that won't be ignored. Because the keylogger also copies the clipboard text.

    To install Phantom Keylogger - you should just run the executable file on the computer/user account you need. Everything else will be done for you.
    No windows show up, when you run it - what will let you run it covertly. Also it will let you to succesfully merge it with other programs for succesful infiltration.

    We hope, that with Phantom Keylogger you could develop yor ambitions and make the world a better place)

    Antivirus scan:
    Detected by


    Price: 50$

    Telegram: @goodc0der

    Beware of the fake contacts!
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