Tumblr Spammer Evolution V2 - FREE Download

What is Tumblr?
Tumblr is a blogging platform that allows users to publish texts, images, video, links, quotes, audio and "dialogues".

What is Tumblr Spammer Evolution?
Tumblr Spammer Evolution is a tool to extract up to 100 results about any topic. On each post the user can open and include a link to a website, blog or forum and this way a user can monetize it.

The purpose of Tumblr Spammer Evolution is specific content from keywords that are extremely targeted, this means that if the user has a crack site, entering a keyword like "warez hack cracked serial" will give up to 100 results about the subject and a user just need to add a comment with a link. Comment spamming is the best and fastest way to promote a site without cash.

Note: Currently Tumblr blogs have comment disabled by default which means that only a small portion of the results will have the possibility to comment.

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