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Ninja Shell - 404 Not Found Shell 2022-03-21

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NO RELOAD URL (JQUERY) BYPASS FORBIDDEN MULTIPLE UPLOAD (AUTO SUBMIT) UNZIP NON EMPTY DIR REMOVAL REQUESTS FILE DOWNLOAD RENAME B64 ENCODE DECODE (JQUERY) CHMOD CHANGE TIME NEW FILE AND DIR Small Size Command Shell Mass Tools Mass Deface Mass User Changer Mass Title Changer Symlink (3 options) Symlink Symlink 2 Symlink Python Config Grabber Network Port Binding BackConnect Load & Exploit CGI (3 options) CGI Perl CGI Perl 2 CGI Python Bypasser (4 options) Bypass Cloudflare Bypass Server Bypass Vhost Bypass Passwd (including bypass user) Exploiter (4 options) CSRF Exploiter Revslider Exploiter Elfinder Exploiter Drupal Exploiter 20+ Auto Tools Scanner (3 options) CMS Vulnerability Scanner Port Scanner Logs Scanner Killself (auto remove shell from server) shell silme Logout (remove session from server) cıkış yapma
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