[Tutorial] Hacking Remote Desktop Enabled Computers

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    In this tutorial i will give a step by step proccess on how to get IPs for computers with Remote Desktop enabled and how to connect to them. First you will need to install two apps. ZenMate VPN to secure your computer with a protected IP. and RDCMan a aplication client to connect to the Remote Desktop computers.

    1) Install ZenMate VPN

    2) Install RDCMan (Remote Desktop Connection Manager)

    After you have installed the two programs above, activate the VPN and run "Remote Desktop IP Scraper" on your browser. Remote Desktop IP Scraper will give you a list of 100 IPs for computers with Remote Desktop Activated (This list is updated every day).

    3) Run the IP Scraper

    Now that you have fresh Remote Desktop IPs run RDCMan to connect to those IPs as Guest.

    4) Run RDCMan (C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Remote Desktop Connection Manager\RDCMan.exe)

    5) Access the Remote Desktop computer

    In RDCMan Go to

    Session > Connect to... (Ctrl+Q)

    Copy the IP from "Remote Desktop IP Scraper" and paste on Server name field

    In the User name field write "guest" and in password leave in blank.

    Hit Connect and navigate in the remote computer. If it doesn't connect, try the next ip in the list.

    Linkleri görebilmek için login-giriş yapman gerekiyor veya konuya like atman lazım

    - ZenMate VPN for Windows
    - Remote Desktop Connection Manager
    - Remote Desktop IP Scraper

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